Label will provide information on the grip of tires on wet surfaces, their fuel efficiency and the noise they generate. On this occasion, the Federal Roads (OFROU), Energy (SFOE) and Environment (FOEN) offices are launching the "Best Tires" information campaign in partnership with the main representatives of the sector. The aim is to raise public awareness of the new label and thus help increase safety on the roads, consume less fuel and reduce noise.

In terms of tires, safety requirements such as good braking characteristics on wet, snowy or icy roads take priority. But a tire must also be quiet and energy-efficient. Mandatory from Nin the European Union, the tyre label will provide information on wet grip, rolling resistance and noise. It will also be introduced in Switzerland by specialist shops. The distribution into categories, from A to G, corresponds to that of the energy label for passenger vehicles and electrical appliances.

Mainly because of their resistance to rolling, tires cause almost 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption. By reducing this resistance, fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions decrease. The effects also have an impact on costs: by traveling a distance of 15,000 kilometers, you can save up to 60 liters of fuel, or around 120 francs.

The economic damage caused by noise, which includes healthcare costs and loss of value in real estate, exceeds one billion francs in Switzerland each year. Road traffic is the most important source of the noise. The use of quiet tires can cut the noise generated by a passenger car in half.

By launching this information campaign, OFROU, SFOE, and FOEN are seeking, in partnership with the main representatives of the sector, to encourage consumers to preferably buy safe, energy efficient tires and silent. The campaign uses posters, television spots, a website  and information material distributed in the various points of sale. In parallel, the main organizations in the sector (Touring Club Suisse TCS, Swiss Tire Association ASP, Swiss Professional Automobile Union UPSA and purchasing organization for the Swiss automobile and motor vehicle branch ESA) responsible for disseminating information relating to.

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